Your Strategic Legal Professionals Recruiting

Identify the top candidates for the openings at your law office without the added expenses and delays associated with in-house recruiting by making Ford your lead for any search. Ginny provides you with the recruiting you need for your law offices in Denver, Colorado, and surrounding areas.

Since 1978, Ginny has specialized in contingency legal candidate search efforts for sole practitioners, corporate legal departments, and growing law firms in the Denver metropolitan area. With decades of experience in this field, Ginny is better able to see and adapt to long-term trends in the legal profession.

Virginia Ford

Hire a legal head hunter that provides you with the personalized approach to expanding the footprint of your firm that you need in these uncertain times. With so many candidates to choose from, you need a lawyers recruiting company that takes the time to pre-screen applicants. Ginny will address your unique needs, and she is resourceful enough to identify the leading candidates that are available in the Denver area today.

A Prompt Contingency Legal Candidate Search

The process of finding qualified legal professionals for the openings at your firm can become time-consuming and expensive. The limitations involved with having a recruiter on retainer at your firm can sometimes lead to unnecessary expense and less than stellar candidates. You need a person who offers a streamlined approach to the contingency legal candidate search process.

Ginny Ford provides you with that flexibility, and that can make a huge difference in a crowded and competitive legal market. Unlike many contingency recruiting firms, we take the time to conduct the thorough background checks needed before recommending any candidate for hire.

More than Just a Legal Professional Head Hunter

Eliminate the delays and added expenses involved with overburdened and bureaucratic search firms and talk directly with Ginny about your opening. Our comprehensive approach to the search process allows you to have as much input as possible. Ginny takes the time to learn as much as she can about your operations, so the candidates she recommends fit your culture best.

Choose a lawyers recruitment company with the flexibility and experience needed to find the right professional for your needs. Ginny helps you stay ahead of your competition with a pay for performance approach. Maximize your chances for a successful expansion by making the smart choice when it comes to contingency legal recruiting.

Contact Ginny today to start building a better law firm through a partnership with FORD. We proudly serve clients and customers in Denver, Colorado, and surrounding communities.