About our Legal Professionals Recruiting

Become a part of our story, and take advantage of the decades of experience that Ginny brings to the business of legal professionals recruiting in the Denver metropolitan area. Ford has been operating in the Denver area since 1989, but our story began long before that when Ginny recognized the need for a recruiting service that specialized in the placement of qualified legal professionals.

Ginny Ford was an accomplished musician before entering the business world at the age of 25. After the passing of her husband, who was an attorney himself, she entered the field of recruiting. Her understanding of the legal profession coupled with her time working as a recruiter for businesses of all sizes gave her a unique perspective. Ginny recognized the need for rapid and reliable placement of qualified legal professionals at firms throughout our city. Her reasoned and mathematical approach to the world of music aided her greatly when it came to finding the right lawyer for the firm most in need.

A Focused Firm on the Leading Edge of Innovation

By identifying a need in the marketplace and keeping her firm lean and adaptable to the changing needs of the legal profession, Ginny Ford has built a reputation for efficiency and reliability when it comes to legal staffing and placement. As a contingency legal candidate recruiter, Ginny is better able to save your firm both time and money during your expansion.

Our firm takes full advantage of the modern tools at our disposal, including smartphones and office automation, in our pursuit of the finest legal minds available. As the number of recruited and placed candidates changes according to market demand, Ginny is always ready to meet your needs.

Growth Dictated by Revenue

Ginny chose to build a business that puts the needs of the client first, instead of pursuing growth for the sake of growth. She had no sales training or marketing experience prior to founding Ford Personnel in 1979. This firm is the end result of that original dedication to growth through revenue as opposed to outside investment and external capital.

Ginny prioritizes freedom of control over her own business over growth and revenue expansion. This makes our operation more responsive to the needs of your law office or legal department. We find the best candidates for your firm faster than most in-house recruiting professionals who operate on retainer.

Instead of sharing control of this business and slowing down the entire operation, Ginny has built a leaner and more personalized recruiting firm with the resources needed for the job at hand. To this day, Ford’s dedication to customer satisfaction and entrepreneurial leadership is the guiding force that has made us a leader in this field.

Contact us today to take advantage of our personalized approach to legal professionals recruiting. We proudly serve clients and customers in Denver, Colorado, and surrounding communities.