A Creative Contingency Legal Candidate Recruiter

Locate the best candidates for your particular practice and keep your firm on the leading edge of developing trends in the legal profession. Ginny Ford works on a contingency basis, so you get the personalized service you need without wasting additional funds on retained recruiters.

Thousands of lawyers enter the employment pool in Denver each and every year, and this makes finding the best candidates for your particular firm that much more difficult. When you decide to expand the reach of your existing firm, the process can take longer than you ever imagined when your search efforts fall short. With so much at stake with your expansion efforts, you can’t afford to waste additional funds on in-house recruiters who take months to complete their task.

Take advantage of the alternative that FORD offers you. Ginny takes the time to ask you the important questions about your firm’s culture, and this can maximize your chances of finding the best fit for your office. Ginny streamlines the process of hiring and placement by conducting the needed background checks before she recommend any candidate. This is a clear difference that separates FORD from other contingency legal recruiters. Start a conversation with Ginny and find the best candidates without needless delays.

Legal Candidates That Fit Your Culture

Work directly with a search firm that does much of the heavy lifting needed before a recommendation is made. We look at the totality of a candidate’s resume, and we ensure they match the unique culture of your firm. Before beginning the search process for your group, we take the time to ask several important questions about how you do business.

Some of these important questions include your particular practice areas. Identifying the specialist you need in the particular areas of practice you cover can save you a great deal of time and money in the long run. You need lawyers who are dedicated to your firm, and not looking beyond you to the next opportunity.

A Cost-Effective Approach to Lawyer Recruitment

Our placement fees are contingent on acceptance of the particular candidate, and they are very reasonable when compared to the added costs involved with having an in-house recruiter. When you hire lawyers that fit you best, your firm will gain a reputation for cohesion and competence that is very attractive to prospective clients. Start a conversation with Ginny today for more information on how this process can make your firm a force to be reckoned with.

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Contact us today to work with a contingency legal candidate recruiter that screens candidates before they are recommended to you. We proudly serve clients and customers in Denver, Colorado, and surrounding communities.